This letter was inserted in The Bow Times for July.

Bill Kuch Running for NH Senate

I’m honored to have represented Bow and Dunbarton in the NH House for the past 4 years. During this period we have enacted a fiscally responsible State budget; reduced business taxes to make NH more business friendly; increased election integrity by clarifying voter residency requirements; repealed energy taxes; preserved our second amendment with Constitutional carry and aided education, towns and many other positive changes to our government to make it more responsive to our citizens.

To keep the positive momentum going and with your help, I would like to represent District 16 in the New Hampshire Senate. My voting record defines me as proud conservative and my 100% attendance shows commitment to you, the voters.

As your new Republican Senator, I will continue my resistance to any new taxes and fees, and support legislation to eliminate or reduce those taxes we already have, where appropriate. I will give particular focus to our high energy costs. Having served on the House Science Technology and Energy Committee, I came to realize that there are hidden costs in our electric bills that are used to fund jobs programs and keep failing businesses going. I spoke vehemently against these bills on the House floor and will do so in the Senate and support legislation to eliminate current non-germane costs from our electric bills.

Finally, I support the Republican Party platform, I support our Governor and I support the President of The United States of America.