“Bill Kuch has been a State Rep for many years, is a strong 2A supporter, and has more common sense than any other politician I know. Please contact him at the address provided to make a donation. In these turbulent times we need to get out and vote for those who support our 2A rights and have common sense.”

Bryan Gould of Bow has endorsed Bill Kuch

“There are two excellent candidates fighting for the Republican nomination for District 16 NH Senate Seat. Bill Kuch has been my State Representative for the last 4 years and he has done a phenomenal job for his constituents. Many of us were surprised when Bill jumped into the District 16 NH Senate race. To many of us it was a very pleasant surprise giving us a choice of two very good candidates.

When my family received a hit piece unfairly attacking Bill, in the mail, my choice was made crystal clear in the primary. I will be voting for the Conservative Republican who has run a positive campaign as well as someone who has consistently fought for issues that are very important to me. Issues like: right to work as well as other issues that will continue to keep NH’s economy moving forward.

Because I like both candidates I will be voting for Bill Kuch in the September 11 Republican Primary. I won’t be voting against his opponent.”

~ Van Mosher, Bow

Les Seaboyer, Owner of Thorr Gunsmithing, Hooksett NH

Bill has been endorsed by the NH Firearms Coalition.

Bill has been endorsed by the NH Liberty Alliance.